Love Bird Green

  • Christopher Marley framed Love Bird speciment for the natural history lover. Taxidermy for the modern home. Preserved Megasoma Beetle Specimen.

Love Bird Green

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Mounted on 11"x14" white mat in black aluminum frame.

Like all of the organisms in Christopher Marley's Reclamation collection, this specimen died of natural or incidental causes in captivity. Utilizing a network of hundreds of museums, zoos, breeders and other organizations dedicated to the husbandry of animals, Christopher was able to acquire this pristine specimen after its death, before it was discarded.

Each piece is created with careful attention to the flow of negative space, complimentary coloration, and the meticulous preparation and selection of each specimen. Colors are natural and are protected from fading by UV glass. Do not expose any of Christopher's pieces to high humidity or direct sunlight.