Heart of the Forest

  • Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest


Title: Heart of the Forest
Artist: Michael Campbell
Date: 2020
Materials: Epoxy clay and naturally shed deer antlers on bisque porcelain.
Wall hanging / tabletop sculpture measuring 20" high, 16" wide and 9" deep.

About the Artist:
From an early age, Midwest born artist Michael Campbell has made a connection between handcrafted objects and the divine. His work explores the human connection to the mysterious fungi kingdom, death, and what lies beyond. Using the mushroom as his talisman, Campbell explores the roles they play as natural decomposers of dead and organic matter, as well as their role as producers of enzymes which, when ingested, bring about transcendental states of consciousness. The narrative that Campbell suggests, counter to Judeo-Christian teaching, is that we are all connected to the natural world and its ecosystem. A new earth-centered liturgy is offered by his saintly objects and altars, which all seem to have grown from the forest floor with the mushrooms.

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