• Trieye



Title: Trieye 
Artist: Kelley Benes
Date: 2020

Materials: Salvaged seashells, mirror, vintage glass eyes and grout on bisque porcelain. 

Wall hanging / tabletop sculpture measuring 14" high, 9" wide and 6.5" deep.

*The large glass eye on this piece changes from a yellow to a purple depending upon the kind of light it is in .

About the Artist:
Beans of John, also known as Kelley [KT] Benes [Beans], is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her work has always been deeply inspired by nature, science, and/or the human body. Over the years, she has become an avid collector of natural objects and artifacts which now serve as inspiration for her work. Combining her fascination with strange objects, patterns in nature, and the human body led to the collection of work, Beans of John. On top of making unsettling objects made up of teeth, shells, eggs, eyes, and human hair, Kelley is also a practicing illustrator, mixed media artist, and taxidermist.