Eagle Pencil

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Eagle Pencil

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6" Eagle Pencil.

Solid graphite writing sculpture.

In cultures throughout the world the Eagle is the undisputed symbol of power, speed, valor, spiritual aspiration and freedom. Both Eastern and Western traditions have named it the sacred messenger between heaven and earth, and in some cases the very embodiment of the Divine. Soaring effortlessly above the tree line, in absolute authority and supremacy, the eagle surveys its dominion, sharing in a view reserved for the Gods.

Inspired by his reverence of Nature, and informed by his formal studies in Art and Science, San Francisco artist Agelio Batle has created this innovative sculptural writing implement. Natural graphite and smudge resistant compounds are fused in specialized forms under intense pressure. All their surfaces can draw and the graphite will resist smudging onto your hands. Batle envisions these objects as sculptures, as much as they are implements for inspiring your own vision.