Purple Octopus Carving

  • Lee Downey Art Ojects Hand Carved from Natural or Reclaimed Materials like Metal, Mineral, Fossil and Bowling Balls

Purple Octopus Carving

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This 4.5" octopus sculpture was hand carved from a reclaimed vintage bowling ball. The brown interior you see below the glowing colored plastic of the ball is the off-center weight that once helped the bowling ball to keep momentum after being thrown.

Paleontology, gems and minerals, geology, metals...all the natural history that gives a rich sense of being linked to every person that ever wondered over some beautiful Object....natural or artifactual. Wonder full stuff. This is what drives the designs you see here. And the hope is that these bits and pieces of art and artifice will survive into the far future, heirlooms and treasures that are built to endure the long haul of time and the rewards of real beauty.

After starting out as a silversmith in Arizona immersed in the turquoise trade over 30 years ago, Lee Downey is still passionate about geology. From his studio in Bali, Lee and a family of highly skilled craftspeople create one of a kind art pieces from natural and reclaimed materials with unwavering attention to detail, quality and style very much geared to the artist rather than the market.