Long Purple Button Earrings

  • Grainne Morton Fine Designer Jewelry hand made from vintage and Antique buttons and found objects for the modern Victorian Woman

Long Purple Button Earrings

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Oxidized sterling silver framework with antique buttons, shells, rhinestones, mother of pearl and stone charms hanging 4.5" long & .5" wide from silver posts.

If Grainne Morton were to have a spirit animal, no doubt it would be the magpie. Instinctively and obsessively drawn to collecting and hoarding anything miniature or precious that catches her eye, many things you or I would overlook, Grainne has amassed an incredible collection of objects - all destined to find their place among the tales she weaves within her jewelled compositions.

Grainne lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her husband, two children and thousands of tiny little objects.