Sunset Moth Specimen

  • Christopher Marley framed insect speciment for the natural history lover. Taxidermy for the modern home.

Sunset Moth Specimen

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Mounted on 11"x14" white mat in black aluminum frame.

The Sunset Moth is a common day-flying moth in its native Madagascar. It flies all year round but can be found in enormous numbers from May to July when gigantic waves fill the air and create one of the most beautiful displays in the animal kingdom. It and other members of the same tribe of swallowtail butterflies feed on poisonous pipvine plants as larvae and as a result are unpalatable to predators. Which is perhaps the reason for its abundance in the wild.

In the Victorian Era, the wings of this species were used in jewelry making.

All of the organisms used by Christopher in his artwork were thoughtfully, responsibly and viably harvested with regards to preservation of species and respect of life. Each piece is created with careful attention to the flow of negative space, complimentary coloration, and the meticulous preparation and selection of each specimen. Colors are natural and are protected from fading by UV glass. Do not expose any of Christopher's pieces to high humidity or direct sunlight.