Feather Mosaic

  • Natural death taxidermy preserved by Christopher Marley with Pheromone Gallery made for Gold Bug in Los Angeles, Californiafor designed for the modern home

Feather Mosaic

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Feather specimens mounted on 16"x20" white mat in black aluminum frame measuring 17.5"x21.5".

The feathers used in this piece are collected only when naturally shed by captive bred birds. Some come from species that are quite rare and a few from exceedingly rare color mutations. A rare color mutation is the crowning jewel in an exotic bird breeder's collection. Christopher's father is one of the most passionate successful rare bird breeders in the Western United States and one of his most reliable sources, and one of the main reasons he is interested in natural history. Colors are protected from fading by UV glass. Do not expose any of Christopher's pieces to high humidity or direct sunlight.