Canine Pencil

  • Agelio Batle sculptural solid graphite writing object

Canine Pencil

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5.5" Canine Pencil.

This design is part of a completed serious and extremely limited.

Solid graphite writing sculpture.

From the moment our ancestors brought a wolf pup from the wild and into our caves, an inextricable bond formed between humans and canine that continues today. Faithfully guarding against danger and willing to sacrifice its own life for us, it has won our respect, adoration and friendship. Long a symbol of loyalty and courage, the canine stands ever vigilant, ready to play or to defend.

Inspired by his reverence of Nature, and informed by his formal studies in Art and Science, San Francisco artist Agelio Batle has created this innovative sculptural writing implement. Natural graphite and smudge resistant compounds are fused in specialized forms under intense pressure. All their surfaces can draw and the graphite will resist smudging onto your hands. Batle envisions these objects as sculptures, as much as they are implements for inspiring your own vision.