We Moved!


Literally around the corner...

We are now located at #34 East Union Street, just around the corner from our original location, in Kendall Alley.

After 10 years of collecting and displaying wondrous treasures at Gold Bug on Union Street, we are taking this show off the road and moving it into the alley way just around the corner.

Tucked away from the cars on Union, down lesser traveled Kendall Alley on the east end of the building, not more than 100 feet from our old front door, you will find us in our new space.

With a fresh look and a lot more light, we are excited about our new home and the opportunity to evolve with our artists.

The new space boasts designs from our core group of artists with which you are already accustomed, as well as pieces from those that are altogether new to us. We reintroduced our apparel section and are welcoming work by artists from as far away as Japan.

We are looking forward to the future and bringing our old world curiosity to the modern realm.

We hope you come with us!


* Call me at 626-744-9963 if you have trouble finding us, I will run and get you.