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Turned On Artificial Intelligence 

Show Opening Friday, October 12 


By reimagining the life of an object, local artists Jim Turner creates functional assemblage art for people who see beauty in the things that have otherwise been neglected or outlived their "usefulness" in our society, giving them a lasting purpose.

Just a small representation of his vast breath of work, the re/assembled robot touch lamps seen in this show start as discarded electronic and automotive parts and tools: battery chargers, voltmeters, altimeters, wrenches, pistons, brakes, engines before becoming usable household objects. Not for the faint of heart, the robots are instantly identifiable as male, female, or in-between. They will light up your life with their impressive bulbs. #deviantart

At the same time, enjoy Art Night Pasadena, an evening of free art, music and entertainment at Pasadena's most prominent arts and cultural institutions that will be open until 10pm and free of charge that night. Participants include Norton Simon Museum, USC Pacific Asia Museum, Artcenter College of Design and multiple other art and learning centers in the area that will host special events and openings for its visitors. View participants.